Gosh im feeling tired. Not enough sleep uh.



Went to SKS Books Warehouse this morning with my parents. Basically a big Christian bookstore selling lots of stuff and the stuff are seriously cheap and good. Bought quite a few things =p. And you see the sheer number of albums hillsong released over there by staring at the music section lol.

Anyway, I found some damn amusing poster on the door and followed the website and so here it is.


The poster I saw is the faithbook (Jesus) one its funny haha. Too bad you cant see it from here but yea the stuff this company sells is funny.

Anyway, back to the bookstore. I really recommend the bookstore to people can buy gifts for people and a heck load of books (duh its a bookstore). Location and time that its open and all that can be found here.




Anyone has a list of those names of God that was screened during the IGS at the start? I like haha.


P.S. I shall attempt to blend NICE COFFEE!!