While awaiting the arrival of my iPod, I was going through my old songs in my hard disks that I havnt listened to in quite a long time. I found all my old AuditionSEA songs and listened to them.

Like I said before, I was already listening to K Pop during a time that ppl were still getting J Pop fever and saying K Pop sucks =). Ppl kinda associated K Pop with Rain then and I think alot of ppl in Singapore dont really fancy Rain. So when the Wonder girls fever hit Singapore I was like 'lul ppl who used to say k pop sucks are listening to k pop'. Though by then I already stopped playing audition for a long time le so along with that I barely listen to K Pop anymore.

Well today, after listening to some of the old songs, I went to youtube to hunt more. Ahh. Honestly imo, Gee, Nobody and all that are just really catchy songs but they really miss out on some of the pure awesomeness of K Pop.

I bring just two groups in Korea that are almost unheard of here in Singapore during the earlier part of this decade. Each group I will put the songs from them that I like and just one example embedded here.

Baby V.O.X.


This group was a really famous group in South Korea. There has been spin offs of this group now that they have disbanded, with some Baby Vox generation II or something. Well heres the original.

Songs that I like (their bad english translations mostly but enough to let you find the song on youtube):

Game Over

With this being one of the best imo:



Well honestly Koyote wasnt like chao famous but it did alright. I think the female vocals are really really good.

Songs that I like (again just lousy translation):

Soon Jung

And then theres no fight whatsoever about which song is my favorite. I LOVE THIS SONG. And I still listen to it alot nowadays, one of the only few audition songs that I still do that. Its removal from Audition was one of reasons I quit ok.

Yup. Go listen to the songs!!

And other K Pop groups you might want to listen to include:

Cool (go listen Aloha =D)
Jewelry (Superstar for upbeat, Tonight for slow and sweet)
Cherry Filter (Sweet Little Kitty, Flying Duck. YES I REALISE THE TITLES ARE DAMN LOL. Dont care nice can le.)

Two Special recommendations. I dont listen to any other song by both these artists, just these alone, and I love them. The first one the chorus is my ringtone. Songs are Can - Winter Story and Wild Rose Thorn - Only You. Go listen to them because those two, together with Spark and Fly are the only two K Pop songs I often still listen to.

Haha all these K Pop songs I have just introed are the older ones. Go find someone else to recommend you Wonder Girls/SNSD/Super Junior/DBSK songs but you wont get them from me =p.

Thats it =).