For the first time in my life I made a friend cry.


Ok I know im not supposed to 'think so much' about it but I figure really that at such a moment in life we ought to record down something. Thats the whole point why I keep a blog right. One day I can look back.

So to everyone out there who may be concerned, no im not emoing it just made me think. I know that whats done is done and theres no point looking back and regretting and all that. Hey, I live by my own good advice ok. Keep moving forward. But I have to admit it doesnt feel good.

One thing that I think about is simply how fast the mood changed in that one instant. Admittedly I was abit slow it took me about 30 seconds to register what I said. I dunno. Maybe im too used to being ACSian. Saying that in AC doesnt mean alot I guess but thats no excuse of course. It can be quite hurtful. I need to learn better self control I guess. I react terribly to sudden situations sigh. I imagine, that was honestly not a very, serious thing, quite mild compared to the many other things that could have been done that would incite such a reaction in me. I realise, that if it was something else, I might have reacted more strongly and in that case, some thing with lasting effect might have happened.

Im just glad that the damage is minimal in this case. Then again, minimal is from my perspective...

Alright. Unity. Lets not let such incidents ruin that.

A note to all those who dont understand this post, dont ask, just let it be, for those who do, lets move on alright?