Andy Philip

I made quite a number of posts since I came back uh haha.

Anyway, this post isnt dedicated to Andy Philip as an encouragement post. This post is to tell all the rest of you out there that Andy Philip is going to release an album (eventually) and you're supposed to buy it xD.

You see, when I tell Andy Philip 'I BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAM', im not telling him 'you know what, God makes the impossible possible so though it seems impossible you can do it one la'. No what im saying is that Andy is CAN ONE and its not something that seems unlikely but seems more like a sooner or later thing.

Music. A gift from God that can be returned back to him in wonderful ways.

Haha ok I think I made Andy sound damn imba. Ok no la hes not mad imba like some legend like that but hes got the skills and the potential (and not to forget time).

But Andy, honestly to you, some of my friends have heard your songs and they think its not bad.


And the rest of you out there, here are some samples from my awesome cell + worship leader =).

A song constantly spammed during prayer meetings.

X-Factor theme song.

Newest one. Up on youtube on the day that we break camp lol. Thats yesterday.

Question to Andy: What happened to all the other songs uh. They used to be on youtube as well and on the mixpod list in the DI website right? Now like all gone lol. Making album then want to put the songs inside so cannot let people listen for free ah xD.

P.S. I havnt mentioned this yet but Avatar is seriously an awesome movie and really worth the watch so go watch it everyone =).