http://www.elohim-centre.org/uploadedfiles/2133-healing.jpgI might be getting feverish.

Rawr. Yesterday night was some torture sia. The worst part of sore throat is the night. You drink so much water so in the middle of the night you wake up to go toilet. You wake up le you want go back sleep that time THROAT VERY PAIN!! Then I couldnt sleep =(.

Yea but after sometime I finally did la lol. STILL. Omigosh. I hope that doesnt happen tonight.

Rawr. I feel very weird now. Like, I got sore throat which isnt as bad as yesterday night but its there, and then my whole body feels weak and interestingly I feel like I just did 20 pullups or something and if you dont know, I can do only 3 lol. My arms are like, very suan, and I DIDNT DO ANYTHING -.-.

Rawr. Backache. Head heavy. Sigh. Oh dont forget that weird cough that has a funny taste in your mouth and the, nvm lets not talk about toilet stuff in here =p.

Symptoms of fever, but fever makes me productive sometimes cuz I end up lying down on the bed the entire day reading stuff instead of doing random stuff online haha. I rather not though. I rather be well. See, sore throat is SO DARN ANNOYING. Sore throats that lead to fever are just extra.

Sigh. Oh well. Impossible for me to be sick for long anyway so that means I will be fine by X-Fac =D.

Jehovah Rophe, the Lord heals.