Chalet time

Some people don't read my blog cause they think its too 'religious'. I guess if it were me in the past that would have concerned me but nowadays I realise that it doesn't really matter.

Because in this blog I write what my heart cries out, and if my blog is getting too 'religious', then im just gonna say AMEN!!

I mean, even if no one in the entire world reads this blog, well, alot of times im writing it for myself, and besides, I know that God reads my blog =).

Besides, like I've just been reminded in the cbox over there >>>, people are encouraged by the posts (14 people liked my X-Factor post on facebook lul, that means they agree with me) I write. So, who cares! Im just gonna write whatever I want to write.

Its funny to see how the focus of this blog has shifted quite alot since it first started. It was like, originally a place for Chun Wee, Eugene and me to just be retarded and post funny things (I mean come on go look at like all the first posts), then after awhile the two of them just stopped posting and it became my personal blog (though both of them still have admin powers actually), and now it becomes what it is today. Im proud of it though. More than one thousand posts lol. It really details my journey in life, how ive changed slowly but surely to become who I am today, and I know it will continue to do just that.

So yups. Its time to go off for chalet soon, this blog will be dead for a few days but yups ^^.

Haha I find it funny that the title is only expressed in one sentence through the entire post.