Im kinda committing suicide at this moment by posting instead of sleeping but because I know I was VERY VERY VERY dearly missed, so just for you, im posting this =).

No lah. I post for myself. And I probably wasnt missed haha xD.

Anyway, I decided not to post about the entire chalet but just one part of it, which is pretty much the highlight of the entire chalet and the reason why im a walking zombie now. OVERNIGHT CYCLING!!

Omigosh, I cant believe we almost didnt want to go for it. Coz when we wanted to rent the bicycles, the store closed 15 minutes before we were there!! Then went back the bike rental stall in the chalet has no more of the normal bikes!! And we needed like 7 of those and 3 double seaters.

But praise God we decided to go ahead and that everything worked out fine in the end! Haha we rented some normal bikes but with the extra baby seat behind as well as some of the smaller BMX ones to hit our 7, and they had enough double seaters so yea!! I took one of the BMX ones and I liked it haha, only problem was cannot shift gear so its terrible up slope.

Anyway, after alot of complications and stuff, we finally started cycling properly at around 830. Our goal was to cycle to ECP the macs there and back, stopping to rest at wherever as well as watching the sunrise.

So we started off, and I didnt think I was capable of doing it but aiya heck la at most if cannot I sit at the back of one of the double seaters later la haha.

But anyway, sometimes when you cycle, its just nice to feel the cool wind rush by, and many a times we dont talk alot when we're cycling and I realised its the perfect time to prayer-cycle! Yea I prolly just invented that word but its based off prayer-walk =D.

All you need is:
A bicycle

An mp3 player with worship songs is optional =D.

So yea!! Had a great time.

But anyway, another thing, as I was cycling I just looked around the night sky and I saw the moon there, partly covered, lots of clouds in the sky and without a single star. Now I've never been the kind to go crazy over stars or anything, but it just reminded me of Pearl's testimony the other day. But at that moment I didnt exactly need a sign so I was just like thinking 'haha if that happened to me too that would be so cool' and I didnt exactly pray for it to happen la but that was at like, I dunno, 9+ 10+? And then we kept cycling and cycling and throughout the entire duration once in a while I would just look around the night sky (nothing much to do when cycling anyway haha) but it was the same thing, lots of clouds, partly covered moon, no stars.

That continued on until 4am or so when we were cycling if I remember correctly nearing the 8km Changi stretch there. It was near the sea and there were no tall buildings nearby so you could really see the vast expanse of the sky over there. At that moment I was just casually looking at the sky again when I saw that one lone star there, shining brightly in the night. I was like 'omigosh', then I looked around for other stars but there were none, and interestingly enough, the star wasnt seen like in a 'far off' place in the night sky like at the horizon there but above me so it was something that by rights I should have been able to see it all along but it just never showed itself there.

Nothing grand happened there, I didnt break down or cry or anything (though I recall braking at a turn to look and see if there were other stars haha) but it did make me smile and know that God is indeed with us through it all. Through the fun times through the tough times, he is there with us. He never leaves us or forsakes us. And really, I think by rights we shouldnt have been able to see a star that night because there were just so many clouds, especially at 4am around the time I saw the star, the moon wasnt even visible, you could only see its glow from behind the clouds. And yet that one lone star shone brightly in the night sky. I thank God for that, a small thing definitely, but its a sweet reminder =).

Haha and as we neared Changi Village, Bynes was really tired out by then so I was taking the double seater with him when we went past a campsite, and we just saw this really inspiring sight. It was like what, 5am in the morning, and we passed this bunch of people, sitting separately all some distance from one another and quite a number of them, and I didnt realise at first until Bynes pointed out to me, but when we passed them, they were reading their Bibles!! Haha its really cool man, waking up so early just to spend some time in the presence of God.

Mmm. And so yep, it was a wonderful night of cycling. Haha as many would have known, I kinda grew attached to my bike LOL. After spending so many hours together I was like constantly riding when people were resting and when people got off I remained seated on it haha.

Sadly, sunrise was fail, first off because we had a bad location which a building was blocking it, and secondly the clouds were probably too much to see it clearly anyway so darn =(. We counted dead fishes though =D.

Oh oh oh, and I love down slope. Haha playing around with the bike is fun, like people who watched me cycle would know I would choose the road less travelled. Like you can go straight I would purposely go curve around one tree or something haha. Or keep going between trees. Or chionging a through a grass/dirt patch instead of the normal path. Its adventure for me and it makes cycling more exciting, like always in a 'race' except im not racing with anyone just trying to execute the 'cool' stuff. But if anything, I love down slope because thats when I dont need to pedal, I just stand up on the bike and the cool wind just breezes past me. Wonderful. I especially especially loved that last stretch at Loyang, crazy upslope which made people like Marcus, Ying Jun and me get off our bikes and slowly push it up instead of pedaling coz it was so long, but we were rewarded with the awesome down slope which was like what, 1 min long? Thats quite a long slope haha, and it wasnt so steep that I had to brake or lose control but enough to keep going nicely. So fun.

So yup, we all reached back the chalet about 12 hours after we began, which means around 830. Half a day and no sleep. Why am I still typing this? Haha. But anyway I bathed soon and after bathing I was just lying down on the bed and probably fell asleep immediately granting me a 2 hours rest in which my bike was returned for me (so much for my love for my bike, I didnt even send it off, in fact, I dont know that 3 digit numer of mine heh I only know GL's double was 707 coz Bynes pointed out that it was like a LOL and Ying Jun's 500 because its a nice east to remember number). So yups, that details what I have done in the past 18 hours or so, not even a full day yet lol.

Haha and I realised uh, im really quite a light sleeper. Usually I wake up to my hp alarm at the initial 2 vibrations and I immediately stop the alarm before the music even starts to play. Today, I was so tired, but then I realised as I slept on the MRT ride back, I had faint memory of hearing 'City Hall' and 'Raffles City' but nothing before or after it (ok first few stops after Pasir Ris have la havnt sleep yet mah) until Dover in which I heard it and then I woke up. Its like, I was sensitive to all the MRT stations that I actually bother about so my mind snapped awake enough to hear them.

Haha so thats the end of the post. Oh yea wait before I go and sleep.