Its funny, I kinda miss X-Factor. Miss screaming I LOVE LE FA, its just not the same on facebook. Miss waking up early to just go up to the 4th floor to seek God, miss eating jellybeans on that same bench on the 4th floor at 3am, miss jumping around and singing nothing is impossible. Miss the overpowering presence of God. Its not the same I guess. God is still here but His presence was just so amazing in the camp that now when I come back home, I feel like I've come some place foreign and that X-Factor, Christ Church Secondary, was my home. Do you know how weird that feels? I've never regarded any other place as my home and I have always looked forward to coming home after a trip no matter how great it was. But somehow this time, I wished I wasn't home yet, I wished I was still back there, just looking up at the sky in the silence of the night.

X-Factor. Memories, photos and videos just don't seem to be enough. Nothing, can capture it like it was.

Thank you God. For this camp. Thank you God, for showing me what it really means to live for you. Such wonders. Such joy. So much.