Its the annoying kind with the annoying lasting but not intense pain.

The reason why I hate this kind of sore throat its because it lasts the longest and it has a risk of turning into the cutting one which I REALLY hate.

I dont really understand why to so many people sore throat doesnt seem like that much a big deal and they are more concerned with how weird they sound then the pain. Is it not that pain to others? Or is it only me? I dont know. To illustrate how much I dont like sore throat, I rather get a fever without a sore throat then a sore throat. Unfortunately since fever DOES come with sore throat or for that matter may come from it in the first place, yea I dont want fever either thanks.


Nvm. Jehovah Rophe, the Lord heals =D.

But meanwhile, =(.



A fire for God.

A fire that is huge, powerful, unstoppable.

A fire that burns so strong that it ignites those around it.

A fire that emits such a strong heat that all can feel it and know that its different.

A fire that burns and consumes the forest.

I want that fire for God.

This was something that God impressed upon me two or three weeks ago. It was pretty vague at first but as time passed it became more and more real, more and more clear.

I thank God that in the past weeks his presence has been more and more real. However, with that also came more and more troubles. What HX said yesterday is true and its not something that didnt occur to me (after all im reading the armor of God thing which has a heck load on it lol).



This is going to be a turning point in my life.

I found a song today that does speak of the wildfire thing. Sorta randomly searched it after randomly recalling that Andy was trying to play it one of the days before I think prayer meeting and Eugene and Justin were making a joke on it yea.

Bonus points for sounding cool =).


Teach me Lord, what it really means to be on fire.