I realised the previous post was post 1100

But since I've posted past a thousand, hitting a hundred doesnt seem so significant anymore eh =p.

Anyway, just another song to post. This song I first heard during REW in school, I cant remember which year it was but yea. Again more ulu but wonderful all the same (yey joining the ranks of 'Refused to be denied', 'Fear not' and 'From Ashes To Beauty'). Ok I think this one not really ulu but yea, not that famous either.

All that I am is in You
All that I seek is to follow You
I run to Your side when You call
There is the hope I am longing for

Just to be by your side
There is hope in my life
There is no greater freedom I’ll find

So take my life
And all that I have to give
Take my world
Just inhabit all of it
Take my dreams
Make me assuredly Yours