Multiple Thoughts morning I learnt something. If you are late for school, be later -.-.

Its kinda wth? Like, I was late for school on two consecutive days by just that tiny bit (first to reach roundabout on both days). I got booked on both days (haha in 2 days I got booked the same number of times as I did the entire of last year), and interestingly enough, only like the first 5 to 10 IB ppl got booked today -.-.

Oh my goodness. They just got us to line up and then didnt bother to book the ones behind -.-.

So the almost early but late people get booked and the confirm late ones dont. We're not even talking about like 'wait until 8 where the peeps are off duty then sneak it' kind of thing. They are right there and they didnt care. Coz what, too many people le then cannot book ah only book those who are there when not so many people yet.

So, if I ever am late again (I hope not), I shall stroll into the roundabout even later. Nonsensical but its true. Ah well haha.


Next topic yeyyy.

OMIGOSH 730 TMR -.-.

I thought it was an optional talk sia.

But anyway its a rather important talk on subject combi so its not so bad I guess. Eh but I found out today some stuff that are damn sian. I cant take BM and Econs together, even if one HL one SL I need to appeal. Then Math HL is apparently damn hard, a significant change from SL.

Wahliew. I had everything planned out nicely le. Now come screw me over sia these stuff.



Now those two stuffs were somewhat negative (but im fine la haha) so heres something positive. OG 10 is a rather united bunch of peeps =p.

I suppose I started off viewing the OG with that annoyance because after all the OGs arent even your real classes but since people started to really warm up and form bonds, thats a good thing I guess. As usual I still am rather separate sometimes but there are quite a number of people there that I already know so its not too bad bah. Especially since Leon and Sean are people important to the 'binding' of the class as with my observation so far and both are my ex classmates so yups.

Maybe it was the presence of girls so the guys try to be more bothered about stuff (or to spend more time, whatever) or maybe it was just something completely out of the blue, but I found the effort spent today in the CNY decorations rather commendable. I didnt care at first about it because firstly, from sec 1 to 4 we never did, secondly, our OGs werent our 'real classes'. But today although we spent (or wasted, up to you) quite a long time with the stuff, I thought it was pretty cool, we did manage to make the stuff look pretty nice and spend some time getting to know each other better.

So yup. Im rather proud to be OG 10. Though I think most of OG 10 dont know me coz im the silent ninja slacking away in one corner =p.

So yups. Thassit.


Everything is moving so fast. Im feeling drained every single day, its gonna heap on even more and honestly, im not really too concerned with most things, but I cannot afford to let it affect my spiritual life or my relationships.

So God help me.