Random stuffs

Has anyone heard of a Christian artist called Abundant Life?

My mom got the CD from some friend many many years ago and the other time when I got my iPod, I listened to it again and its quite nice.

But somehow I cant find them much on youtube. I cant even find their song lyrics on google. How come so ulu sio!! They're not bad mah haha. 'Higher', 'Born For Such A Time As This', 'God Will Build This House' are among my favs. But then again I only have one CD lol.

Ah well.


I kinda have my suspicions on something, but I suppose even if im right it doesnt really matter anymore I think. Either that or maybe im over thinking but its not an absurb possibility from what I gather. Haha I suppose maybe I could just go ask to confirm but it would be embarrassing if I were wrong and like I said, I think it doesnt really matter anymore uh. But I suppose it would be uh... interesting, if thats the correct word, to know.

Ah well.