We love Weejin

Weejin's email which he sent out before I went to Ubin and I now have his permission to post =).


hey guys
how have you all been doing?

despite the initial surprise to most that i had left for us of a (i rmb i told you guys before!) i must say that my time in the nation of mcdonalds and other overflowingly unhealthy, gluttony provoking foods has been most enjoyable. regretfully though, you are all of the other side of the world, sixteen hours ahead. and may i at this juncture pause to say, that you are all dearly missed.

so starting of me with me - for i am the minority in a distant land carefully guarding my little red book - and what i have done here, while you are there. this land of us of a flows with milk and honey, not forgetting sugar, fats and super-sized portions. i am, most naturally, oft tempted to try much of the spread and struggle with the guilt of over-eating and gluttony. that has however, been counteracted with having less meals through sleeping longer hours. it works. and hopefully all the shivering from the cold weather under many layers of clothes has helped burn some of these excesses as well.
i am proud to say i have now conquered some, if not many, of the fiercest rollercoaster rides in the world, and have officially had a disney christmas complete with fireworks. i have tried my hand (well, legs rather) at snowboarding and skiing and grown stronger through the sustaining of muscle tears and strains as i fell in countless, previously thought of as impossible ways and learnt to ambulate on one limb ie. snowboard.
life has been surreal thus far. i am living at a friend's place at beverly hills 90210 (which we all thought was something only seen on tv) and will, in a days time, be going to las vegas with a complimentary room at caesar's palace (again, tv only). nonetheless, living here as a tourist has been costly and burns deep a hole in a bank account. really, really deep.

*if you at this point are moved to donate some munny to be it would be widely accepted with much gratitude. i accept cash and bank transfers are fine too*

but enough about me. i do realise i got my return date wrong and will only return on the 10th. this means i am missing three weekends there, three weekends of all your cute faces. aww.
so then. how have things been going my eastern brothers? are the sheep growing and feeding well? are the numbers increasing and then maintaining? i certainly hope and believe so.

may i just say - albeit this being a little late - that you were all wonderful during the camp and each one of you were instrumental and played your parts wonderfully as hosts and members, as witnesses of Christ. and in the time we have been together i say with pride that many of you have grown tremendously in the Lord and that when i see the passion that you have in prayer, in worship and in evangelism, and the warmth with which you welcome others, i am filled with joy and gratitude. it is not by the workings of me but of God together with each one of you, for as you seek Him so shall you find, and as you draw nearer similarly will He.
let none of you be afflicted with feelings of inadequacy or being left behind, or be discouraged as you see others grow deeper. but instead be encouraged. be disciplined. God responds and will respond to faith and to you. He has promised, and He will abide by His word. stand upon the righteousness of Christ in you and resolve to make a difference, to be different, to be the change that may be necessary.
and to those not - continue to seek and be guided by the Lord. continue to edify one another in the group and beyond, to build up and not tear down. to be watchful and responsible in all things for the glory of God. be ever conscious of the kingdom of which you are ambassadors and strengthen this the body of Christ. and of course be ever filled with joy from above, and find joy in doing all things difficult as they may sometimes be.

in this new year let us spur each other to greater growth and depth in Christ, and let our faith rise to greater heights as we continue to put our faith in God and believe in Him for revival both individually and as a group to grow in numbers. lets keep on knocking on heaven's doors and tarrying in prayer. to live by faith and not by sight.
and even as we seek to reach out to our friends, i want to challenge you to believe in God for more this year, to believe and trust God for the salvation of your families if they aren't already. i know for a fact that God desires to save your family members just as much as He does your friends. and i know for a fact that you all long and desire to see your families saved and surrendered to God as you are. so as you invest in your friends, invest also in your families. live on a single facet. let who you are to the world be who you are at home, be who you are before God. strive to live righteously and pursue holiness. and if you fall, rise and pick yourself up and just keep going. be a witness and living testimony to your family and let us together believe that it can and will happen.

God has great plans for each of you and for us together as kairos. And just as kairos is, we are a people living in now the divine moment, chosen and made for a time such as this. let us abide in Christ and keep in step with His will and purpose for our lives, fully rested in His goodness and trusting fully in the darkness of the unknown. for we serve and worship a good God, a God of love, power and might. and He is a God that is for us and not against us, to deliver us in our time of need and bless us beyond all that we can imagine.


ok i hope you all can get this and i dont leave anyone out. but if i do - for i am old(er) and forgetful, fumbling with technology (haa as if). and oversights may just happen as such - or if you see that i have mailed wrongly or committed grave typographical errors please aid me in passing it on to those who ought to receive this. and if you know some people who never do check their mail and you see this first do inform them too. my love and regards to all.

love weejin.
love, weejin.

i will return.