Childish? I think not. I was just thinking about some of the things I do.

Lets see. In the honour room, I like to slide around the floor with my socks. Its really entertaining (for me). Adding to that, I throw in a couple of tricks here and there (sliding, fall on knees, bounce back up) and end up doing weird stuff that I personally find interesting. Today, I was playing by sliding across and then opening up my legs to get past a bag and then sliding close again.

I also enjoy climbing around. On railings, on chairs, whatever you name it. No its not because I think im short and I want to feel tall, I just like doing it. Playgrounds too.

Additionally, I like to walk all the paths that people usually dont. Instead of walking up the steps, I would walk the sloping thing beside it and stuffs like that.

I play those cute little games on my handphone.

I bounce around.

All these things are things that may be attributed to a child. A playful child who likes to do funny things.

I was just thinking about them, while personally I just find it fun and amusing, what do other people think of me when they see it? I know some of my friends in school think of me as a kid because of my (apparently, I disagree) cute face, small boy look and in this case more importantly, behavior (this paragraph is going to make some people scream something in my cbox).

Certainly, not the type of behavior that a 17 year old should have right?

But seriously, who decides so?

Who says that I cant do all this. Does it make me any less immature when I do all these?

Being childish lies in your attitude. Doing these things do not make you childish.

I personally enjoy these little things in life. Its, the little wonders of life. But in this world, this society in which we are confined in, we have this false rules and regulations, expectations put onto us that strip us of our freedom and confine us into these people that we are 'supposed' to be.

The only reason why such behavior appears childish is because children do it. But just because children do it doesnt mean its childish.

Grow up? Tell me to grow up? Thats what some people say to me.

Get your facts right. You need to grow up. You are childish. You think you know how you should behave, but all you build yourself around are lies of this world.

I would say this to everyone. But, this is how society has brainwashed mankind. How many people would actually agree with me. This apparently inappropriate behavior isnt really inappropriate at all, its all in the mind.

Because everyone else thinks so. So it must be right.

Stop this herd mentality. Humans have a mind of their own. I cant stand it. Cant people think for themselves? Why do they always accept everything society says just as it is?

I dont know. On my part, im actually a little afraid that my behavior might cause people to not take me seriously, like im a kid. Or that it might give others a not so good impression of who I am. Though I find all these completely groundless. But it happens.

But, am I to let my freedom be restricted by the wrong views of others?