A couple of things

Firstly, Story Of The Four Candles!!

Haha I made this sometime last year after my mom brought home a booklet from Trinity of the dramatised version of this story. With the powers of google, I found the full story online and decided to do a video on it. So I used powerpoint to make it and when I was done it remained stagnant for a long time on my desktop because powerpoint files arent exactly ideal and + the midi file couldnt be attached to the slides.

Finally one day Leng (thanks again =D) helped me to convert it to a video file so volia, its completed haha.

And then after that it remained stagnant for some time again heh.

And after some time I emailed Carol about it and that was like, just a few days before the Si Er thing so afterwards it got forgotten lol. Well like yesterday I got reminded of it and now authorised by Carol its on facebook, youtube, TalknTales and here!! Though I realise that only TalknTales really needed authorization heh.

So enjoy =).


Secondly, saw Jiang Yin post this interesting article on facebook. http://mochaspot.blogspot.com/2009/10/essay-in-defense-of-christian-logic.html. Go read it Christians. Its really true. The underlying message is about the question of faith and logic and how they work together but there are also many other things to take away from it.

On my part I have always been rather anti people who dont think for themselves and just blindly follow herd mentality (haha amusing, I had just touched a little about this on the previous post) and this is an article that does question that problem even amongst Christians. It also tackles issues such as the 'spiritual highs' and 'experiences'.

Its a pretty long thing so it may take some time but I highly recommend it to be read. And obviously when you read it, dont just agree for thats exactly what the article speaks against, think about it. For me, the concluding parts 5 and 6 really stood out.

Funny, the quote is pretty good but somehow when I read the book I never noticed it lol.

Go. If you have no time to read it now, open the link and bookmark it =).



Honestly, homework is like never ending lol. At least I often 'clear' my homework list in sec 4. This year is like, theres always something to do =/.

Am glad im on hold for dota until Friday haha. Some time to catch up with my work. Though honestly it didnt really change that much since I dont play much in the first place lol.

Ah well.



Lastly, LOL @ the facebook thing about hx and ys. 87 comments and still going. Though only 4 people commented and Weiyang not that much, its really amusing to see an entire conversation unfold there.