Student council results were retarded. Alot of people that I think simply arent capable didnt got in and alot of people that I think are capable didnt get it. The way it was carried out was rather screwed up la.

But anyway, I shant rant about it just go to facebook and you see enough lol.

Im here to advertise for fencing!!

Even though im not involved.

The school fencing peeps need more people to join, apparently pretty desperately. Dont ask me why ask Brandon, Leng or Chun Wee.

Also, go approach them if you want to join.

Fencing is pretty unique I guess. You dont often see a CCA related to fences. The closest thing you have is the gardening club. I think learning how to fence is a pretty important life skill, building fences is like, important you know.

Not so much in Singapore I guess but who knows, you might have a big house next time, or you might migrate. Fencing would then come in very useful, more useful than all the other rubbish you learn.

Fencing is artistic. Its cool. Join fencing. Learn to build a fence.