Lets fight and lets win


I did say before that I thought deviantart wasnt that good but I retract that statement after using it for quite some time already =).

Out of the Depths by autumn-ethereal.

Anyway, im insanely tired now I should totally be sleeping but post some stuff first.

Im considering doing a dota 'fast' from Palm Sunday to Easter. Though to be perfectly honest 'fast' wouldnt be a very good term to use seeing as its probably more of I NEED TO DO MAH HOMEWORK than anything else lol. But hey, if its from Palm Sunday to Easter im technically fasting for the last week of Lent =D.

But thats still in consideration. I might do Friday to Friday instead or I might scrape it totally lol.

Funny. How many of us actually observed Lent? I know I didnt =/.

Haha oh well.

Anyway, Solution was played during prayer meeting tonight and its always one of the two songs I attributed with my initial period of time in DI. Desperate people being the one that was played the first day I ever went there and solution was the 'other nice song' that was played quite abit in the first few months lol.

Haha I still remembered the walls that werent properly painted and had cross shapes on them =p. And I sorta remembered the series on faith lol. The advancing faith and stuff. Oh mannn I can remember stuff from 08 thats quite good.

Anyway I went off topic. IM SLEEPY. Anyway, the song just kinda reminded me of some stuff again.

But you know what, whatever I wanted to say I think I lost the gist of it and it feels very abstract to me now. Like, I get it but I dunno how to say it.


Haha oh man and that was the main point of this post.

Aiya. Nvm. Enjoy =).

Fill our hearts with your compassion.

As we hold to our confession.

God be the solution.

We will be Your hands, we will be Your feet, we will run this race for the least of these, in the darkest place we will be Your light, we will be Your light.

We will run, we will run, we will run with the solution.


P.S. Do you want to know how epic my math teacher is? I said it before right?

Well he didnt say this to us but he said it to another class that he taught and its the most epic quote I ever heard from him, or from any teacher for that matter.

'I dont want any jokers in class!' *pauses briefly* 'cos i'm batman'