No not that I was intending to post about money, but I happen to realise that both the things I wanted to post about both were related to it heh =D.

First off, a completely random thought of the day that I came up with during econs!! You guys should take note of all my epic one line thoughts. The previous one from a few weeks back (yea, so much for thought of the day) was 'The queer people are the most important people in the history of mankind'.

Today's one is, 'money cant buy happiness, but if you have excess it sure can rent some'.


Also, according to economics, if something is free, then there will be infinite demand for it, then dunno what dunno what I forgot will happen. Therefore Zeigeist thingo about free things doesnt work!!

Not that I know much about what Zeigeist actually said. Not that I know much about econs either. Ahhhh dont flame me.

Ok that was point one.

Point two is that, does anyone realise that council campaigning isnt so much of 'campaigning' then giving away free stuff?

I mean seriously. I would think of campaign as, you do stuff to show WHY people should vote for you. Not, 'I HAS COOKIES VOTE FOR ME'.

I mean yea, a few stunts here and there might work, the pond one was pretty epic, but seriously has any of the people doing their campaign so far actually showcased why they should be voted in other than saying 'I will be your voice' and stuff like that.

We can tell that so many people are just jewing the stuff and not intending to vote at all. So in all honesty, giving away free stuff doesnt help that much except for the occasional superjew. And when it comes to that, how different is it from buying votes?

If, someone would during recess, stand up on the SAC table and give a speech on why he or she should be voted in with reasons and everything, I would give that person alot more respect points that I would give someone who comes to me with cookies.

Some people are spending like hundreds of dollars on their council campaign. For what. You think those apples are going to get you into council? Its not funny.

All the people im going to vote in are people I decided to because of what I know about them, not because of their campaign. The only people I have actually decided to vote them in because of their campaign are M5 and M6. Though to be honest if competition was tougher their stunt might not be enough to impress me but for now, sadly thats the best campaign around.

Show me your dedication, not bribe me.

Show me what you can do for me, not what freebies you can offer to me.

Show me your heart, not your wallet.

Then I might vote for you.