I think its quite bad when you're thinking 'hey, I think I can do this if I fail my IB' LOL.

But seriously, im thinking about something. The reason why I picked MEHpec (sounds cool right) is because its a humanities combination that opens the most doors. I know I definitely will not be going into the science areas so two humanities subject plus a HL math would cover most other sectors. I guess if I substituted english for econs that would be better but im not that good in english, though I think I have improved this year.

But the thing is, I dont really like math. I just took it because I dont like science more and its the most useful in terms of occupations. And economics is messing me up because its so not like a regular humanities subject (it has so much memory work and the essays are not even argumentative they already have a fixed answer, I dont take science because its pure memory work and regurgitating and now I realise in that aspect econs is probably more 'science' than physics is, physics or english HL would have been a better choice hmph). History, uh, lets just say that though it was my best subject, things didnt go very well this year (its still my favourite though haha).

And then I was thinking, what am I actually interested in? What do I want to do for my life? I never actually knew, hence the subject combi. But ive been thinking and I realise there are areas that I am interested in.

Heres the thing. I grew up in an environment where people keep telling me im gifted and I can get one of those super jobs. Law, medicine, banking, heck the CEO of a company, these are the ideals that were put into me from young. These are the things that people expect me to be because I was once in the GEP, because im supposedly in the top 1% of Singapore's students and so I can get these high paying jobs.

But from young I also knew that I never had a passion for law, medicine or banking. And everyone wants to be a CEO but its not a 'job' you can do just like that per se.

I dont know, but I do have a taste for history and psychology. These are two areas that I have great interest in, to the extent that I often self read up (not so much for history since its taught anyway).

And it just never comes to me that I will ever do anything related to them in the future. Because even though I like them, they seem more like a hobby to me. I also realise that one of the factors why I dont consider them is because im SUPPOSED to do those occupations that make people go 'woah'. History and psychology, they are 'easy' (not that easy but easier) courses to get in to university and so somehow they dont seem to qualify.

This sounds outright elitist, but it has been a mentality that I realise has been ingrained into me.

Seriously, if I get 45 points (ha yea right), does it mean that person definitely has to choose one of those 40+ point courses or can he take something that only requires 30 points?

Its something to think about I guess.

For now, I can only think of it as a 'backup' plan in case I get like below 36 or something (haha at this rate I will). Ironically, I dont have a main plan.

Suddenly, the thought of not doing well doesnt seem to matter that much anymore.

Just the parents scolding and Drong coming to pwn me part, that part is still scary =p.

I'll still study hard, keep your options open you know, since I dont have a main plan, but it does give me some comfort.

Oh well haha.

Hmm. Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

P.S. There is one problem with psychology. To practice it, you need to be really really imba, otherwise the jobs you can get with it are pretty shitty lol.