Random Talk About Music

I like Casting Crowns and The Vine Band. I would say they are my two favourite bands.

I mean sure I listen to more hillsong songs than both of them combined and multiplied by maybe three but hillsong cheats they have like what, hundred songs? Haha. And they're songs are generally more popular so we're more exposed to them anyhow.

But if I like all the songs in the album I have for The Vine Band and I like at least 70% of all the Casting Crown songs I have heard, then well yep =).

I like Coldplay as well. Switchfoot is fine but some of their songs are too noisy imo.

I say all these because im spamming youtube songs nao =D.

Two random casting crown songs!! Not my favourites of all time but they are my current favourites.

Haha I like these upbeat ones. Im bad with music so I dont know what genre they are considered but generally I find that the songs I like most are with a full band not like random sound effects and one singer those kind though I do like many of those. But I dont like those with alot of emphasis on drums or electric guitar, hard rock I think? Yea. Wadever haha.

I really like the album 'Between the altar and the door'. I think I should buy it and give it away as birthday gifts haha. But then I feel like buying From Ashes To Beauty as gifts as well. And From Ashes To Beauty seems to take priority since the songs practically cant be found on youtube haha. Oh well.

*Enters talking to self about Vine Band mode whereby you will not understand almost everything being said. You may ignore*

As for Vine Band, haha my tastes keep changing. I guess the songs are very reflective of how I feel at different moments in time so yea. From Ashes To Beauty was my all time favourite. Then it was Every Nation. Then Mightier King. Then Your Heart. Then God Of Justice. Then The Wonder. And now its Enter In.

Haha thats like more than half the album. And at the same time I do love the other songs as well, just that they never made it to my top spot I guess haha. The Real Thing, Shine Your Glory, Alone With You, Your Great Love. I notice uh, the first 3 are 3 out of the 4 faster upbeat songs in the album. Did I just go against my own point about liking the more upbeat songs? Haha I guess the upbeat songs attract me but its the reflective ones that make me think and guide my life mmm? After all the upbeat songs are more celebratory than actually packing a message.

Each song is special in their own way and speaks to me their own message I guess. Maybe its just that the mindset of the people in The Vine Band is similar to mind, so the songs kinda resonate with me. Oh look I've been applying the term resonate everywhere but I dont actually know how to use in it physics heh.

*Ends self talk about Vine Band*

So yea. Time to do some work. I really dont feel like doing work considering I stare ahead at all the time I have to do non school work but still work. Quite irritating now uh, I have slack, school work, and non school work and the non school work is taking up so much of my time its like I can only choose one of the remaining two. And since I've been doing work, I feel like slacking, but then since the work is not school work, I have to do some of that or I'll die a horrible death when I return to school. Hmm.

Rawr. Remind me not to take up so many commitments after this. Im glad I only have one CCA.