Blisss by =Oer-Wout

I think posting the names is annoying haha kinda spoils our own personal interpretation but then I have to give credit also right. So how? Lol.


After the events of today, upon reflection, I do have questions to consider.

How am I shining the light of Christ?

Often in my life, I find myself living wayyy under potential of what God has placed in store for me. The fruit of the spirit. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. I can easily toss it out because its been kind of drilled in my head already, impossible to forget. But to what extent am I living out these things?

Because ultimately, theres no point in simply knowing what the fruit of the spirit is. What matters is that you live it out.

Grace, love, empathy, compassion. These are things that I place of high importance all my life, even in the days before I have come to DI. These are things that I put of high regard, and I greatly respect people with these traits in the life. Those who love unselfishly, have a heart of sacrifice, those who truly care and all that. Yet many a times, despite me placing such value of these, I find myself unable to live up to the standard that I hope to achieve.

Is it possible for one to truly value a certain characteristic but fails to do it in his own life?

I find myself having two-face sometimes. In church, or in primers even, perhaps if someone fails to send me an important document on time, I would think that my automatic reaction would be to call them up, check how they're doing, if they are not too busy and if they can handle it and stuff. Yet out in the secular society of school and all that, if someone does that to me, in all probability I would respond with irritation and an expression of my dislike for people who dont have their priorities set right and keep others waiting. I also know that I am prone sometimes to taking out my displeasure at other people.

I would probably say 'the least you could do was to tell me that you will be delayed, but no, you didnt even think of doing that did you?'

I would know because I know I've said this to many people. And it comes to my mind. Why is it that I react differently in these two situations?

I find that it is not so much of fakeness in that sense, not that I pretend to be something im not in the first case, but really, both cases are my immediate natural responses. Instincts. And perhaps the greatest difference lies in God.

I need to be constantly reminded of God, constantly reminded of the Holy Spirit. Because so often when we go about doing our things, without even realising it, God just slowly fades from our minds as we focus our thoughts on the matter at hand. And I realise these are the times where it would be most easy for us to fall into these traps of ungrace.

I am reminded of the illustration used in day two of LDC about the fountain. In speaking of God's love, its like God is pouring out his never ending streams of water into our jug, and as it fills to the brim, it overflows and pours out all around it. When God's love is abiding in our hearts, we dont just think we should show grace because its in the word of God. We pretty much have a desire to do it. I know I can testify to this. You just, cant really get that mad at someone when God's love is in your heart. Its quite impossible.

And so perhaps the important learning point here, never forget God. Its not easy for sure, it just slips out of our minds. But we need to be constantly reminded.

And if anything, I know I would not be able to do it by any effort of mine. But thanks be to God, for it is not by my own strength. His grace is sufficient to see me through, His power is made perfect in my weaknesses. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I am reminded of 'the game'. The one where when you think about it, you lose (yea I just lost). But perhaps with God's love, its quite the opposite. Whenever we think about it, we win.

So how about we play this special version of the game? And remember, when you win, declare it, so everyone can win with you =).


So Lord, help us to be able to live lives that glorify Your Name. As children of God, as Christians, we want to live out this title that has been bestowed upon us. 'Little Christs', known for the ways they follow the ways of Christ himself. Father Lord, so often in this world the term 'Christian' has even became derogatory, to refer to those people whom are proud, uncaring and hypocritical. This has never been the way You have meant it to be, so Lord, help us to walk righteously before You and before all man, that they may come to see the fullness of your glory. We know that we cannot do it by our own strength, so we ask and pray that you fill us with the Holy Spirit, renew us and inspire us every single day, constantly reminding us of you and not only during our quiet time. Help us to pray unceasingly, help us to walk every step of the way with You. Thank You Lord, for your amazing love, your amazing grace. Let us, the people who are called by Your Name, live this out in our lives as well. In Jesus Name, Amen.