Time is mana


Rawr I think I should stop giving the titles for these pictures coz it carries with them extra connotations.

Time is running out. Half the holidays are gone and I havnt finished revising any subject. Heck, for that matter I havnt started revising if you dont consider my completing of physics ws 4.1 to 4.5 revision. Quite sad uh, thats the only thing done, but I spent most of my first week with econs IA and most of my second with ExploRally.

I think I have less than ten free days left actually? And I had less than that so far lol.

I wont be able to finish revising. That sucks. I probably need to finish like one subject in one day and then go straight to practice already. Well at least I dont have to study for chinese so thats one down. English. Whats tested for english actually? If its only written commentary then its two done.

But I just feel that im gonna do really badly for econs. And im going to run out of time despite knowing how to do most of the paper and hence do badly for physics and math. And I'll scrape through history I guess, but not ideal marks because I can only rely on my writing and argumentative skills, not my knowledge which will be limited. Quite a fall for history even though its gonna be my best subject, considering I do have a rather strong past record for history.

Oh well. And I havnt done IOP essay either =/.

Haha but whatever. Somehow I just dont feel the pain of failing my mid years. I will when I get back my results but not now. Now I find myself 'excusable' somehow. Not a very good attitude but to a certain extent its true.

But yea, enough of studying.

I wanna watch 2 things, I'll probably ask from brandon, but doubt I have time this holidays so maybe I'll just get it first then watch them on the free week after exams.

Haha oh well.

Ok my mom rushing me to eat dinner. Some random concluding thoughts that I thought of today.

It just came to me today that some of the common sense, classic wisdom, famous quotations that we nod our head to and say 'true, true' (TRAINNNN), they contradict themselves.

For example, 'out of sight, out of mind' contradicts 'absence makes the heart grow fonder', yet we seem to agree with them both at the same time.

Hmm, any thoughts about this anyone? Can anyone think of any other contradictions in the wisdom we know? ^^