Wow. I used to check like every update on facebook, every night I come on and I keep clicking 'more posts' until I reach where I stopped. These few days I havnt been doing that. A good habit actually I think.

Also, I received 14 emails regarding ExploRally, half of them with attachments, while I was away. Naize.

Honestly, its really quite an eventful and interesting holiday. Its rather fun I guess, Beyond Social Services, ExploRally. I dont mind some parts of these stuff they're great and it teaches me more about life.

But my spiritual life and school life is affected really really badly. I havnt had time at all to spend in prayer or even reading God's word and I do feel the strain. Continuously a few days. I havnt even been able to come for DI and all, I have been feeling really dead. Even sort of apathetic. Studies, theres one week left and all I have done is completed a few worksheets, in terms of revision as it is, I have not started. At this rate, even if I were to not turn up for any church related things as well as ExploRally, I would still not be able to finish my revision.

Perhaps discpline is needed to be factored in since you could technically say that I had a time to read a book but its not quite the same you know.

I dont know. It seems almost as if I have to choose between studying or God. And both are insanely important? And both are in desperate need? I try to strike a balance but if I dont have enough to give to even just one alone how can I give to two? Plus not to mention social life, well I guess since I've been hanging out with the ExploRally people (not that I have a choice lol) I do have a social life, quite alot actually, problem is, while I've gotten to know some great people and gotten to know some people better, my other friends are neglected.

This is a period of my life I will remember haha. Lots of great things, lots of terrible things.


Can anyone lend me their math ws 2.2 to 3.4? Preferably marked with corrections done. I need to learn how to do some questions coz im quite screwed =p. Brandon if you see this, do you have?


Lets talk a little about the past 3 days. Haha wed we went down for the usual beyond service except that we also had a short meeting (which I had to leave halfway to go for pm lol) regarding the past 2 days.

Ok so its mainly the past 2 days. Haha I honestly dont regret coming down despite the cost. Its been a great learning experience for me.

Ok actaully there isnt much to say LOL. Its not nice to go thru the events haha even though technically I didnt sign any confidentiality form but yea.

Haha, funny, the Beyond group was the ExploRally group. Wen Kai, Alex and Brandon, my big boss, my admin boss and my admin fellow comrade. Best part, even the female volunteer is from ExploRally, and its Eve my other admin boss lol.


Lets talk about the book I've been reading!

Haha, 1984 by George Orwell. Finally finished it. Personally for me its a really cool book, and I use the word cool because it isnt like a page turner or does it make me addicted to it non stop, its not super interesting though its quite interesting.

But what I love about it is its literary value. I personally think its one of the best pieces of literature I have read. Its not that the plot is really exciting but more of the plot is really special.

Also, I love the use of motifs in it. The story is so well crafted. The way the motifs reoccur is really really good.

Haha so yep. Not for your bedtime stories but if you want literature, then screw Shakespeare, read 1984 =).



I should just go to sleep. Oh mannnnn im so GAWWWWWNNNNNNN.

God help me =(.