Its a quarter after one

Well, not exactly. Its 1.40 =p.

Nowadays, im much more capable of staying up late without conking out. I used to wonder how others do it, now I can haha. I dont recommend it though.

Sleep is good.

I should be doing TOK haha.

The night does feel, serene though. I look out of my windows, its pretty cool to see almost all the lights off, but out there always, even at 2 or 3am, there are always these rooms that are lit up like mine.

The night, still and quiet. Ahh. Just me, my music, my work, and my God.


Sometimes, when I talk to people, some other people randomly cut in and start saying their own things. Im not the kind who would try to override anyone in a casual conversation (haha try that when you're arguing about something important with me) so usually I let myself be interrupted and it goes off.

I do wonder though, if thats just how its going to be.

Maybe thats why I prefer msn. It feels even more personal than real life ironically. Its funny, but face to face, we put up walls sometimes. In the virtual world, we feel safer, and we often allow ourselves to let loose more.


I supposed I have to say something about CAW dont I =p.

Haha, I dont know. Its not as bad as I thought it was going to be originally la LOL.

Haha ok la, its not even on the 'bad' side, its on the 'good' =).

Well, I wasnt thinking very highly of the idea of going on a hike when a whole bunch of my IAs and my EE outline and TOK is due. Heck, I tried to avoid it but in the end, hey, I'll be letting down those who worked so hard for it uh.

Actually, one of the things that convinced me the most was when I was in class and I commented something along the lines of 'wahlao then still need to go hike, die la', and then asher turns to me and said 'dude im PLANNING the hike'.

Haha, nothing to say lor. Its a break anyway. So I went.

I dont particularly warm up to people fast you know. Well, I do, but they gotta take the initiative on me. Then I'll respond. If not I keep to myself. So group leader? To a bunch of people I dont quite know? Not exactly what I like but hey, just go.

Yea but it was cool. Sadly, by the end I still wasnt quite chum with my group mates haha. My fault bah I guess. Perhaps something I need to learn.

But seriously, hiking was really a brand new experience for me and it aint that bad haha xD. I guess I associated hiking with long boring walks, but I found that there is serenity in the walks. Just like how there is serenity in these nights.

Its quite nice actually =).

Ah. Campsite. Oh man I wasnt gonna sleep that night. Past 12mn felt so awake I did my homework. 1+ I was jumping around high on adrenaline saying I dont want to sleep. But I did haha.

Mmm. Then Christ Church. Nostalgic that place. Reminds me of xfac all over again. Tchoukball didnt really make the connection in June, but this did, because its like a camp, because we climbed the rock walls, and because Tchoukball we stayed only like in the basketball court area while this one we went to the places that we have been to in xfac.

Ah. Good memories.

I wanted to go up to the third floor to find the classroom and the music room actually, but didnt get to in the end oh well.

Haha, I have weakened. I cant reach the top of the rock wall that I managed to during xfac =/.



Feels alive.

Lets be alive.