But its not very available for me.



I shall comfort myself with this =D.

Effect of sleep deprivation on REM sleep

Studies have shown that people sleep more efficiently when they are sleep-deprived and that they enter REM sleep faster when this is the case. Sleep studies also show that patients who sleep less move to stage 3, stage 4 and REM sleep faster than patients who are not sleep deprived

This basically means that I need less sleep to have the same amount of rest than the average person xD.


Ok but srsly, TOK.

I give up liao la. Not graded anyway.

But I wonder how im gonna do for it next year.

Funny, POD had always been easy. TOK reflections had been easy. TOK classroom participation had been easy too.

But here, coaching everything in TOK language and all, arguing using ways of knowing and areas of knowledge, oh man.

I dont have a clue how well I will score. The way I see it, I think maybe a low b. But then it might be too TOK unrelated then I fail. Or it might actually be secretly imba that even I dont know it then I get an a.

Messed up. Sucks when you dont know how well you will do.

I wanna get an A for my TOK next year. Lets see how this one goes.

For now, today I get four hours ^^. Which is pretty cool, other than sat which I conked out at 10+, since thursday I had an average of less than four hours sleep a day wheeee. And to think last time I would have a headache if I had less than eight.

I repeat guys, not good for you. Do not follow me.