Demotivations and a quiz...NOT

NO the one above isnt a demotivational poster LOL. I love the way this particular typography piece is done. Emphasis on the 'never' haha, a simple but powerful message. See how typography can turn mere three words into something more impactful? =p.


Alright this post was supposed to be for me to put up some demotivational posters (hur hur before the exams) and a quiz that I made myself but blogger had this new composer and I kinda had to twinkle with it.

I has one annoying problem now. The thing below, the posted by thing, its the same colour as my post. Doesnt look nice. In fact, I think it looks really ugly T.T. The rest of the blog text was like that too but I managed to solve it. For this one any pros can help me? =(

But it wasnt easy ok!! The new composer doesnt have my blue la omigosh so I specially went to twinkle with it and I finally managed to CODE IT. I am damn proud of myself for doing that coz I havnt coded shit in my life xD. Then the other stuff turned blue and I CODED THOSE into white. But I cant code the rest =(.

Ok fine so coding consists of stealing code from my old posts and implementing it into my template. STILL, its a massive achievement =D.

But had to do it, the old composer was gonna be removed soon anyway =/.

On the bright side, playing around with my settings and blog design and all resulted in a few cool stuff!!

Observe below, I NOW HAS A LIKE BUTTON!!



I shall refrain from having too huge an ego and liking my own post heh.

I also found this new thing by blogger. Never noticed it before so it must be really recent. Its this tab called 'stats'.

Stats is quite a cool thing because from it I found alot of cool stuff. I can see like my blog traffic and all, where people who view this blog come from, number of views and stuff. Heck, I can even see the browser and the OS used by people to view this blog xD.

I found out my most popular post is the megaman zero post, and it has to do with the fact that I spammed pictures and people went to google it and got directed here =p.

I found out my next most popular post is my ACS crest post last year. WHOOPS HAHA xD.

As for blog traffic, the referring sites is...interesting to say the least.

Brandon, why do I have 244, no wait 245 because it just jumped, referrals from you? Do you like, click the link on yours to get here everytime or something lol.

Secondly, why do I have 10 referrals from a not so close friend's DEAD BLOG like all TODAY? And ZERO referrals before that?

And then theres one more which highly interests me but I wont talk about it.

Haha, I find it hilarious that I have the most pageviews at 2am on average, tells you something about our sleeping habits eh xD. Its ok I read people's blog at 2am often too.

Stats. Oh man. Everything you do on the internet is really monitored like mad. They have everything since the creation of this blog, which is like, woah the stats option DEFINITELY didnt exist at that time.

So yups. Haha dinner time. Will post my demotivations and quiz either tonight or tomorrow.