This is messed up. I dont know anything about Stalin, I dont understand anything about his policies and all that.

I cant do SCW either.

Considering Hitler and WWI came out for midyears, this means that the three left for eoys are Stalin, SCW and WWII.

WWII will definitely come out, possibly comparison between WWI and WWII.

Other essay will then proceed to massacre me.

I wont be getting dean's list for history as much as I really want to. If I can even get six points, that will be amazing by itself, and theres a possibility I cant even get five.

Tried to make Stalin notes but, I just dont understand what im typing, no point writing ambiguous things those are useless in the exams.

Oh I dont know.

I really really want to do well but it looks like I cant no matter how hard I try.

Time to sleep, I have made a decision that I will not be stressed out by work so I wont.

"Do not worry", so I wont. It doesnt really matter anyway, these results.

But I do feel like a failure somewhat.