Im feeling patroitic today

I actually think many of our national day songs are quite nice =D.

Alot of their lyrics almost doesnt make sense though.

Seriously, stars and crescents and all that have nothing to do with anything. I know I know, there isnt much else you can put in a national day song than make it really optimistic and all and attempt to show how the country really has in any way a relation to our hopes and dreams but fine. I accept it. Its supposed to be propaganda anyway. At least its positive propaganda.

But otherwise, hey even though the lyrics dont make sense they sound cool enough. Its like, listening to Japanese or Korean songs. I dont understand crap what they are singing but it can sound nice =D.

In order of my liking. Well sorta. Its kinda hard to rank them I like them all thats why theyre all here ^^.

How can you not like a song about a RAINBOW of a THOUSAND COLOURS =D.

Well this song is about unity and racial harmony which kinda has a proper message right. At least its not completely no link heh.

National day song 2003.


I always loved this one, a close contender for first place. I remember the days I used to memorize the words and I would drop whatever I was doing to listen to the song when it played on tv.

I might still remember the lyrics actually, like how I still remember the chinese poem in the pri sch bus I used to take =p.

National day song 2001.


Well those two are definitely the top two for me, everything else, uhh, hard to arrange also so whatever la haha I try.

Eh cool look its Rui En. I didnt even know that haha =p. Oh something really funny, go click the chinese version of this song and compare the MVs.

HAHA TAUFIK HAHA. Im sorry you got pwned by Rui En.

National day song 2005.


Ahh this one should still be quite fresh in everyone's mind. This is the parade song not the overall one. The overall one, uhh, lets not talk about it =).


National day parade song 2007


Singapore millennium song, you know, the song they play at the start of 2000.


Haha this song sparked my search today cause I just recalled it randomly =p. Haha I remembered the first few lines then I was like 'eh whats this song uh', then I played it in my head with surprising accuracy until I hit the chorus then I was like 'ohhhhh its the national day song' =p.

Oh man I totally remember doing the stupid dance in school. I know the first move is when you dip down and come up again xD. Eh I think I was quite enthu about it lololololol.

National day song 2002.


This might rank higher but somehow I never heard it until today LOL. Ok la as in I remember bits and pieces very vaguely but on the whole im like 'wth there was such a national day song?' xD

National day song 2006


And then, who can forget this HAHA.

Anyone who doesnt know this song is not a Singaporean xD. Especially since its just last year =p. And if you havnt watched the mr brown version, you just have to.


2:23-2:33: Eh I going to be late already, but I think still got time la can lepak, walk abit more.
2:39-2:42: Im taking on a mountain!!
2:43-2:56: I know I running damn style, you all see what see?
2:57: Oh crap I ran out of my time warp ability, need wait one second to recharge
2:58: Wah late for my concert sia, I lead singer somemore. Nvm I know my entrance damn cool.


National day song 2009


Haha yup thats all im posting. Other than all these of course there are other nice ones but imo they dont rank as high as these for me.

Yes theres home for one. Everyone loves home. Its like, THE singapore national day song that should well replace majulah singapura. Except me for some reason. Not that I hate it but I dont particularly love it. So there.

Then theres 2000's shine on me, 2003's place in my heart (which I remember making a parody of it in pri sch, oh damn Ive got talent), and 1999's together.

Im not much of a fan of the 2008 though I think its ok. Haha the chinese version has so much more views than the english one, ANOTHER SINGAPORE IDOL GOT PWNED.

Singapore idol. Oh man. How many people can name the winner of Singapore Idol 3? When we copy programs from other countries, we end up failing it. Lets do what we are good at next time =p.

National day songs have deteriorated from the good old days man. The best ones are all the older ones. 2007's overall song, bleh. This year's, bleh.

Heh thats it. Awesome procrastination skills.