Just two thoughts

Decided not to use the comp tonight, maybe not tomorrow night too but yea. Behind time for econs need to muggg.

Using my bro's comp now while hes bathing so heres a quick post.


Today, my cousin started crying. He cried because he didnt want to do his homework, because his exams are coming and he felt stressed out, because I suppose, work wasnt an interest to him and he didnt want to do something he didnt like.

My cousin is primary one.

What is an education system that is so highly successful in churning out brilliant minds but takes away the childhood of the young ones, throwing them into the frenzy of competitiveness from when they are seven?

My cousin goes for multiple tuitions and apparently it still isnt good enough since others are even more competitive. What then? Is this education system, the competitiveness and meritocracy of everything really what we want for our future generations, especially when the 'mind race' gets escalated even more and more? From history, we know any race only leads to detrimental results.


Today I saw, well its more of saw again, my aunt and grandma scolding my maid for doing stupid things. Well its true that it was an error.

But I wonder, where they come from, their cultures differ from us, how do we expect them to do everything the way we want it to be done? Besides every family differs in their wants.

How do we expect the uneducated to work everything with utter perfection for us, just because we have been living with the same standards from years of experience?

And finally, even if they are absolutely terrible at their job, to what extent do we have the right to hurl hurtful words at them, for being useless, hopeless, and stupid?

If I ever get a maid in the future, I will treat that person with respect, for that person no matter how retarded, is only human.

But what do you think?


Alright, econs time. Bb.