In my mind, I see this splash of dark colours, like perhaps in the vast space of the universe in a sci-fi movie. Orbs and all, expanding, impossibly, collapsing within themselves to nothingness and birthing again, the same yet different, like a klein bottle perhaps, but top down and more complex.

If you just thought 'wtcrap', then well haha that happens every now and then for me. These weird abstract things that cannot be understood just pop into my head and linger for a moment before leaving. Yea like by now I have already forgotten what the image in my head was like.

Anyway, I didnt begin the post with that intention, its just that when I clicked 'new post', it popped into my head.

So ANYWAY, my lepak level is quite high now. Exams arent over but I went to wk's house and played L4D2, went home, slept, woke up this morning and been doing stupid stuff on the comp since haha. Shall go mug abit of physics later. Assuming I feel motivated enough to do so.

But hey, I mugged hard two days ago, after I turned off the comp I really chionged non stop (I have this tendency that everytime I say 'I give up', I still end up doing it, and its very useful sometimes, very painful at other times).

So, whatever. Theres nothing much left in the exams anyway haha.


But not today, maybe tmr haha.


Which reminds me, its so annoying. I cant play so many games I want to. My comp doesnt support it haha. Well on one hand, its good cause well, I dont have too many things to distract me, on the other hand, its bad cause the exams are ending and I dont have those stuff =(.

I want to play L4D2 (versus mode kthx HUNTARRRR) and Civilization V mainly (It looks fun).

Eeyer, whatever luh, looks like I'll find something else to do this hols. Or persuade my bro to regularly let me use his comp when hes not around heh.


Anyway cw, regarding your social experiments, I have a few of my own that I feel like trying out for the heck of it too, except that they dont involve screwing people over for experimental value but instead have more positive value. Wanna try?

No limerence related stuff though, you can hardly get any positive stuff out of that.


Haha the like button is almost unused =p.