I should be doing my EE.


But its after exams T.T. Actually I think the workload is less crazy than the period two weeks before exam (that was killer, all the work that needs to be done AND revision at the same time) than now, but I want to lepak now =(.

I realised today, with shock and horror, that going for math focus camp and retest means that I end my exams the same time as the people taking O levels -.-.

Anyway, its the picture above is damn cool, cause it was made with lighting and smoke. Awesomeness lol.

So these few days I have been writing down the stuff I need to do, and then I have been going to play dota. Which is not in the to do list. Heh.

Nvm, not too much can liao.


Warning. Dota speak ahead.

So I was playing invoker again, and OMIGOSH LATE GAME INVOKER DAMN FUN.

Teammates engage, throw one tornado, half the enemy team flies up, force staff myself forward, ice wall, release shiva, Q+Q+Q+R, use cold snap any enemy being hit, Q+W+E+R, fire deafening blast into the group, E+E+W+R, drop a chaos meteor in the middle of the battle, oh my goodness.

Well thats all my finger memory could do so far without screwing up. I can efficiently do the entire combo in every battle and that is so awesome. I shall practice and add casting that dps skill which I dont know how to spell on a teammate somewhere in there lol, whole game I barely used it.

Things to improve, mid game. My mid game is horrendous lol. Early game is all about a good cold snap since you have so little skills and that isnt too hard.

Counter pushing is funny. I can throw any AOE I want lol =p.

I wanna play invoker late game only can =(. I cant seem to play well in mid game and my early game can improve also. Haha team fights with invoker are easier than I thought it would be, dont really need to be that specific just throw everything you have and its really imba already.

My favourite skill? Ice wall. Its 80% slow. Insanity man.

Cold snap is awesome too. So is tornado. So is emp in early and mid game (tornado emp is the only thing that prevents me from being absolutely useless in mid game lol).

I dont ghost walk fast enough =(.

Ah well. Haha.



by `Rahll

I wrote a poem,
But it sucked some major ass,
So here's a haiku.