Dota, but LOL

LOLOLOLOLOL I must post about this even though its so dota technical because its so epic LOLOLOLOLOL.

Thats me. Look at that pure agi morph xD (k fine so I didnt morph for two lvls). Haha I only morphed after I got my reaver and point booster, so it was really a very late game thing. The heart is really for show because I bought that like a few seconds before the game ended so heh. I should have gotten lifesteal actually come to think of it but aiya whatever.

The reason why I LOL'ed hard was because of how we weren't actually confirm winning then I became epic xD.

We sorta still had advantage at that moment because phantom lancer and tinker were pushing like dunno what, and oh my MORPHING PL IS HILARIOUS. I swear, you could push one entire lane with one illusion. That was really champion. Best part was when pl had hit his eight illusion limit, MY illusion also hit his own eight illusion limit, and they were pushing separate lanes and the enemies were like 'holy shit which one is the real pl'.

We were pushing like mad but victory wasn't certain because we were up against a bunch of carries that were getting really painful. Stealth assassin, phantom assassin and drow. The pa could already do 800 damage cleaving crits so that was deadly, one wrong move and we lose. There was silencer who was being really annoying, and oh goodness, guardian wisp. Just makes pa even more insane.

Then we were going to all mid while sa was dead (got killed by pl and tinker while he was pushing alone). Tinker tele'd up ahead first, bad move actually, and started to push mid.

I was about five seconds behind him and pl about ten when all of a sudden wisp, pa and drow appeared out of nowhere and started to attack tinker. So pa appeared, hit him while he was stunned by tether, but tinker quickly hexed him and started to run.

Then epic, LAG. Can't remember who it was but it wasn't anyone involved in that battle. So either sa, jugg (hes useless) or silencer. Tinker was screaming on the chat like 'OH MY GOD SOMEONE SAVE ME HURRY UP OH MY GOD' kind of thing.

Still lagging. The countdown ticking over there. Then we talked about what was going on LOL. Like, tinker said pa was hitting him, he hexed him already, now running away that kind of thing. So lag, lag, lag.

I think the lag eventually went away by itself cause I don't remember dropping anyone. So we all knew what was going on, so once lag finish, EPIC BATTLE!!

I was damn proud of myself. We all know pa is damn pain. So I walked up to him, cast ethereal blade, then cast adaptive strike.


That was like, the most epic moment of the match seriously.

So we all mid, then later got another fight, I ultra killed LOL. My hp not even 2k, dont have lifesteal, no slow. Just some really epic hilarious combo.

Haha after the game ended, I came out, and I did my math.

Total agility: 241
Ethereal blast: 241 x 2.5 =  602.5
Adaptive strike: 241 x 3.0 x 1.4 (due to effects of ethereal blast) = 1012.2
Total damage:1614.7
After magic resistance: 1211.025

That is of course assuming that those skills don't use direct hp removal.

I FEEL SO EPIC LOL. Thats like, without waveform. Which would have made it 1552.275.

Haha awesome!!

The insane dps was fun too heh =D.

P.S. The dota forums advanced mechanics section is a really scary place to be. Those guys are so hardcore, they plot graphs about dota. Wtheck?