Filling the box

Four things that have eternal value.

1) God

Immerse my mind in scripture. Most of the time I read ODJ and ODB without really taking it in. The books that I read, well they work I guess considering im posting from it, but I gotta apply it in my life. Not only so, I should read scripture itself more, a book is a book, it cannot compare to the word of God.

Make time alone with God and pray. I don't want rushed times though that happens oh so often. Withdraw from the world and have some quality time spent with God. Maybe every now and then I should just, declare days where I don't use the comp and whatever time I spend on it I use it instead for these. Pray unceasingly, its not just a set period of time every night where I take it out of my schedule. Its all the time.

2) People

I still am not spending enough time investing in the lives of people. Seriously, I keep talking about it, but I don't do it. Must go and talk to people, find out how their lives are going. Keep in touch with those I havn't been doing so with. Bring a little light into the lives of others.

Go get those six birthday gifts I owe people or I probably never will. Heck, I should probably go prepare in advance for next year's ones or I never will get those done either. I think the November to January babies are the only people that ever get stuff from me because its the holidays, and this time round even they havn't gotten anything yet and November has ended.

And, pray for people. That should go hand in hand with point 1 and 3. Everyone has needs, if only I would bother to find out and be willing to spend time interceding instead of doing other things.

3) Calling

God made me for a purpose. The Great Commandment is covered in point 2. The Great Commission, hmm I shouldn't slacken. Alright go spiritually buff up, there are lives that need to be touched. If only I would choose to go. Then there are the miscellaneous stuff. Imagine related stuff, serving in whatever other possible ways too.

Always be listening out for that voice that says 'go'. And when I hear it, be ready to say 'here I am send me'. I really let the noise of the world interfere with my life too much. Im glad that I have come to that decision about that something (I mentioned a few posts down). Im surprised at how it turned out, life is pretty good now, I feel liberated, satisfied. Now that I have that out of the picture, focus.

4) Joy

And at the end of the day, never forget to do all these with joy. Joy that comes not from worldly things but from God alone. Maybe I could do the book's hundred blessings thing. Or maybe I should start doing that thing, the thank God for one thing every day which I used to do then it kinda got quietly abandoned for I dont know what reason.


I don't want to live my life with regret for things left undone. I don't have time. I never will. Since I never will, just heck it and do what is important. Trust God who will provide. Seek God first. God is much greater his creation, God is above time and space. I am trusting in the God who can multiply five loafs and two fishes. I am trusting in the God who could cause the sun to stop in the middle of the sky when Israel under Joshua was in battle.

I don't want to reduce worship, prayer, serving, and community to these mini commitments, I don't want to multitask all the time. Its really a habit of mine nowadays to read ODB and ODJ in those little pockets of time instead of devoting time to it. I could even do it while waiting for a game to start. No multitasking prayers, and no quotas to reach, prayer is prayer.

"If the devil cannot make you bad, he will make you busy". Very applicable in my life and perhaps in the life of most people in today's society.


I just dota'ed the whole night with jang and co. Like since after dinner. Its past 1 now. This post has been open for a really long time. Hmm. I dont mind spending time playing dota with them since its more fun than pubs (though a few hours is really excessive actually) but that means I really ought to reduce my pub time. Considering I didn't do anything today and I wanted to do my IA.

It is rather ironic though, that this post is about spending my time wisely, doing what counts for eternity. Now that I actually start typing the stuff up there (im actually typing this section and the above together, like when I think of something to say I come down here and type here), I see the obvious right in front of me.

Dota is cool, I dont intend to quit it, I dont think its detrimental, but priorities man. It should belong to my rest and recreation section and stay there, not sucking away everything else.

Funny. My days seem very, broken up now. The stuff that happen in the day feel very far from the night. Thurs morning was SGB, by night it seemed so long ago. Same goes for friday and today. Hmm weird, but yet I still never have enough time. Oh well.

And, oh gosh. BBSG is mad. Im so glad im only going for one day.

Investments for eternity. I wondering how all these dota, and IAs and everything balance out. I need to train my discipline I guess. Today's chapter (not the one above, the one above is yesterday's) talks about too much comfort actually, and I wonder if I suffer from that?

Ok. Focus. Tmr not going out. History IA finish section B and D minimally before playing. I need to do my TOK essay and my video by this week too if I intend to do what I want to do this holis. Actually maybe I shouldnt dota at all, so I can have the day for my ia and in conjunction with the other points I raised above.