I thought of a million and one ways to be sarcastic about this. Reflecting upon it though, I suppose sarcasm just produces needless unnecessary issues. So I'd do it directly instead. Like, really direct.

I'm disappointed. I'm bloody disappointed. I'm bloody freaking disappointed.

I will slap the next guy who says 'its only a small thing'.

Its really nice for everyone to ignore you and walk past you to join the other more important people. I guess I could have been there first but there wasn't space then you see, so I had to sit somewhere else. So thanks guys.

Thanks for everyone staying there, knowing that there is no space, and knowing that there was an abundance of space where I was and could easily have chosen to come over.

Thanks for staying there throughout the whole duration, leaving me where I am. The best part is, I had a friend with me. Fine, so hes been around for some time already. Does that ease your conscience?

Fine. Its all sociology. We all subconsciously label some people as more important than others. So fine, if you insist on that by all means.

But thanks, really, for leaving without walking 20 meters to inform me.

Thanks, that each and every single person, all of whom have definitely saw me and knew where I was, left without the slightest decency to inform me.

It was really a great gift, instead of merely being ignored and forgotten, absolutely no effort whatsoever made, I even received the extra topping of a good old classic pangseh.

I am bloody freaking disappointed, because of who you guys are.

I would have expected better.

Don't give me stupid excuses. I will slap the next guy who says 'I forgot', because it means you don't care. I will slap the next guy who says 'I thought that...', because it means you can't be bothered to find out. I will slap the next guy who says 'but you were called/smsed', because bloody hell it was only 20 meters away, and I didn't respond to either right.

If you think im being unreasonable, put yourself in my position. See how you feel.

And I'm not stupid. Half of you guys probably know the real reason why, but you would never admit it. So screw you. Im not blind, I know whats going on, but can you please not out of your stupid selfishness (thats exactly what it is don't give it any other name) cause damage to other people?

Do you know the whole time, I was sitting there, waiting to see who would come? Ever since everyone walked past I decided to do a little social experiment. I wanted to see who would bother. No one did.

But at least I anticipated that possibility. What I totally did not imagine could happen was that one final thing. That was it. Never in my life have I felt so insulted. Again, the insult factor increases alot because of the expectations I have of you guys.

You guys are the last that I would expect to fail to do these stupidly simple things. Basic decency. And it was a large group, and every single person did not do anything.

Best part is, I can totally imagine all of you laughing and joking away as you all head off.

I have a right to be angry when I'm treated like dirt. If you thought 'what the hell is wrong with this guy' when reading this, then what the hell is wrong with you?

Thanks guys. You all really made my day. It feels great to be loved.