Rumbling night sky

Amen. Something I must learn to do.


Researching for my IA, I read about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. We all know its devastating and all, but I guess there are really different levels about it. Its one thing to hear statistics about how it was, which most of us would have had regarding this issue in our lives, its another to read detailed eyewitness accounts.

I spent an hour reading one chapter focused only on eyewitness accounts of people living in hiroshima today. Not within my scope but stumbled upon in and began reading it.

Its a really scary thing. I don't wanna describe what they describe, but consider this. Im a history student. I've seen my fair share of textbook accounts on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I've seen pictures of course. I've seen videos of bombings and skins peeled off, disfigured people. The accounts I read took that all further.

They didn't just touch on the physical impact. They discussed the emotional and psychological side too. Its really a scary thing.

Hiroshima was really, a disaster. Its the kind of thing that could have been prevented if only people could really tell whats on each other's minds. They couldn't. They tried and they couldn't. And the world forever changed because of that.

Makes you wonder doesn't it.


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