We will march on


Its quite, a strange feeling when everyone suddenly seems very apologetic. I find it weird I guess, receiving one, usually I just need to find a release and im done.

Im probably the only one heh. It makes me feel bad for coming on strongly too I guess, I don't really want to take anyone on a guilt trip (though I admit I thought of it whoops).

This whole thing made me think of something though, there seems to be a fine line between when we ought to just 'let it go' and when we ought to make what we feel known. Proclaiming it risks conflict and all, letting it go means sucking it all inward which isn't healthy either.

One could say 'you could say it nicely', but then theres conflict there too. If you really were affected badly by something, saying something 'nicely' seems a lil like, it didn't really matter that much. Only when you come on strong does it bring the message across. Of course, it does cause problems, hurts unity and stuff.

I can easily think of people whom I feel are too much of peace advocates, and its quite unhealthy for them to just always be on the absorbing end, sometimes with the other parties being completely unaware. At the same time, obviously no one likes an angry person, no one wants to go near one.

Mmm. I wonder if I came on too strongly for this particular situation, considering that uninvolved people were also concerned about it.

I think the problem might be with my language and how I use it.