Yea I realise I always post ALOT when I come back from something. Like few times a day kind. Nvm really short posts are fine =D. See to shorten it I wont even put a picture in front so it all fits into one screen heh.

Im just here to say two things.

Firstly, I have mixed feelings about my EE. I just 'completed' it. In like, 2 hours. When I havnt done any EE the entire holidays. Its so shitty that shitty does not begin to describe it. I didnt even bother putting in the facts I just recalled from memory vague stuff and put it as it is. I didnt cite anything. My language and argument flow is worse than pathetic.

I dunno, apparently whenever I say I will fail something, I usually dont and I end up getting better than I expect to. Well, remember when I said my TOK draft I did was bad? This EE thing that I just did is SO DAMN BAD in my eyes, that it would be bad in yours. Heh,

I dunno man, at least I felt proud when I finished my TOK essay, I feel sad about this EE lol.

Okok, nvm dunnid to hand up anything yet. This is going to get SLAMMED by the titan but hey, I'll work from there. Its not really good for a 2 hour work even but aiya, at least im over and done with it. Maybe with the remaining days in the hols I'll go put in my proper facts and citations and stuff (ignore language and argument flow first), I think after I do that it will be significantly better. Assuming I dont get lazy of course.

Shit I cant bear to read my own EE lol.

Anyway, thats the first point. That I 'finished' my EE (I cant say it with conviction seriously, I guess I just struck it off my to do list in the hols but finished, no way man no way).

The second point is that my hairstyle currently sucks more than my EE does.

Seriously, is it that hard to cut the most standard hairstyle in the world? Why do I always get shitty cuts when all I want is a regular sloped cut -.-.

P.S. Oh no it doesnt fit into my dad's screen, maybe higher resolution can see the entire post in one screen =D.