Korea Trip Part I


To my embarrassment, yesterday's post was not the 1500th post. I would ninja change it heh but nvm la. Apparently I was sleepy enough to not figure out that 1459 + 1 was 1460 and not 1500.

Yes, im finally going to make my first Korea post trip. Mainly because I dont really want to do my EE and I dont have anything else to do heh. Frankly I dont really feel like doing it but aiya nvm la just do.

Hmm, its like a new phase of words for me, nowadays I keep using the word 'frankly' lol.

Pictures in this post arent mine, I cant upload my own coz comp still dead haha. Well now that im using other people's photos, it seems like too much heh.

So, credits to Jolene (or more like the korean guy taking the photo and dunno how she kope) , Joeyong, Eric and Brian =).



The people

So this year's Korea trip was my family and my dad's colleague's family together, the Hee family, the same bunch of people whom we went to Genting together with in I think 2008. Well this time round it was me, my bro, my dad, my mom, and my two grandmas lol. Hee family side was the mom, the dad, Justin, Jolene, Jeremy, Jabez, and then Joeyong came along as well (the one whom im a few hours older than lul).

Cant remember how many families went in total but there we also met up with new friends. Brian, Anson and Ethan were brothers (their family got A, B, C, D, E lol), then there was Adela, and Eric and the one whom we call Jawn who were brothers. Quite a number of them arent in the photo lol

A whole bunch of people didnt look their age lol. Jawn is 15 which is pretty unexpected coz he looks olddd. And the origin of his name is pretty hilarious, hes actually Zheng Wei but I commented that his bro has an english name but he doesnt and that im bad with remembering chinese names so Jolene randomly decided to call him John, and then we decided that wasnt cool so he became Jawn =D.

Heh, there were others also but I specifically named those because those were the ones we were with most of the time. The youngsters kinda separated into two groups with the younger ones (lower sec and pri school) in one group and us the older kids in the other. Ethan, anson and jabez were in both groups lol.

So yup, its always the friends that make the trip wonderful and so it was in this case. I think with the exception of one night, every night we all gathered in the three Hee family guys room to do stuff, initially bridge and tai ti, then when more people came in we had our daily dose of werewolf. Werewolf started in AC didnt it? Its spreading like a wildfire now haha.

Eh, I think DI doesnt know werewolf. MUST TEACH KAY GAIS.

Hmm and since we're at the people's section, haha we saw Chen Zi Cai (sp?) and Xiang Yun with their two children there also, plus mr Hong Lee Kiat and his wife. Saw HLK twice and CZC like 4 times lol his tour went practically all the same places that ours did.



In the night sky like shooting stars

Omigosh, this photo right, I saw the view and I was going OMIGOSH DAMN NICE MUST TAKE PHOTO. Its like all the clouds were fluffy over there, and then a mountain peak rose above it and there was sunlight shining down on it.


So thank God Eric got it with his DSLR. Its still not as good as it looked originally though, but cant help it the light interfered alot I guess.

Haha on the plane, I finally managed to catch the important movies I wanted to watch that I missed this year. Namely Inception, Despicable Me and Salt. Inception and Salt were pretty good. Despicable Me was alright la not bad but very kiddy lol.

I didnt sleep the entire night on the plane so plus the lack of sleep due to Inside Out, I kinda died on the second day heh.

Oh and plane toilet quite cool, you know everytime you use public toilet will dont want to sit directly coz scared dirty right, they got disposable toilet seat shaped plastic/paper thing haha just put it over =D. Well I never noticed it before so I dont know if other places have it too heh.




Well this pic is from the internet. Its the Class 300 hotel which is DAMN NICE CAN. Oh but its called Class 300 membership hotel so im not sure if its something you can anyhow book one. Its really wah, the aesthetics is brilliant, my favourite hotel room in my whole life man. The card scan one somemore not slot one =D.

Every other hotel is okay only la haha. Normal stuff. Its pretty sad we only got to stay one night there.

Well since im talking about lodging, lets talk about the television.

HAHA first two nights I was watching Starcraft matches on tv xD.

NICE OKAY. Very jing cai. I would prefer to watch dota matches but hey, it'll do. Got all the commentators somemore, its quite funny lor. Apparently that channel is devoted to screening starcraft matches which is pretty epic. It also concerns itself with game advertisement.


Maplestory advert. On tv. 5 mins. Naize. It was on the new update thing, the maplestory bigbang haha. Then got the trailer haha.

Ohohohohoh, and they sell maplestory sweets in Korea =D. I didnt buy any but i lol'ed.

This is becoming like my miscellaneous section instead lol. Ok while we're at it anyway =D.

There are alot of churches in Korea. Like, if you look out of any window, you can see a couple of church buildings. And we're not counting the ones that dont practically scream CHURCH (like having a giant cross on it) but instead are more ninja.


Well here ends parts I, typing this beside my bro's computer is not very productive I spent like maybe two hours on this and its not very long heh.

Rest of the more interesting stuff to come up next time =).