I thought with no dota and all, I should be able to handle the amount of working pouring in. Yet its only January and im already losing the will to fight on. If anything, math is really discouraging. Im tired of telling people that anymore though because they dont seem to really understand.

Anyway, I dont intend to give up the things that I set myself to do this year because of this. I know there are things more important in life than IB can ever be. Regardless of the time crunch and all, I will pursue these things. I'd rather not do well in IB than let them be.

I do have to reduce my usage of the comp though. Frankly that is shitty because I already cut it down alot. Well, means that im going to be appearing on msn less (and probably appear offline when I do) and im going to blog less.

I just hope this doesnt intensify the burnout. All work no play makes Jack a dull boy you know.

Well, like I said, less comp. So short post, mainly just to say you will see a reduction in my online activity.


P.S. To whomever it may concern, OSHTTO is back up.

P.P.S. Im really very excited for cny actually, but yet I dread it at the same time because once cny ends its week six.