HAHA. Today I was walking to my grandma house for dinner, then walking down the stairs, there was a kitten in front of someone's gate omigosh. Haha it was just sitting there, looking at me and my parents as we came down.

Then right, it started to follow us LOL. My mom scared so she run away. The kitten walked beside me down the stairs haha!!

Then right, it kept following me, my parents zao ahead liao. At the corridor, it would hide amongst the flower pots, like a ninja kitty stealthily making its way through.

It kept following me, I had to stop a few times coz it was moving through the obstacle course in the flower pots. Then I reached the lift, I went in, it followed me in, I pressed door close and went to the ground floor.

Then it sat on the floor and looked at me and it mewed!!

Then it got up, walked to me and walked around me, between my legs, whatever haha. Then we reached the ground floor the door opened and I went out. Ninja kitty hesitated, but when a big man went in with big boxes on a big trolley, he ran out.

Then some random old man saw the cat, then called it over with meows and clapping, and off ninja kitty went, springing into the night towards the old man. And I went to my grandma's house