Haha random =p.


Despite the messiness of some things and all the last minute rushing, I do feel very excited about this coming saturday and all the POP PLC things coming up. Meetings may drag on for extended periods of time, but each moment is precious time well spent.

And yes, I feel so much more free nowadays, despite all these planning stuff. A result of many factors certainly, ranging from how my chionging of some work last year paid off this year, the no dota, a new laptop hence enabling me to do my work away from places of distraction, things like that.

Most of all of course, is the God who reigns. Like Grace mentioned today, sometimes we feel stressed and overwhelmed by work that we forget that God is in control, we don't spend time seeking him, and then we feel even more stressed out, failing to realise that He is our source of strength, He is our provider.

God He reigns.