Well my current situation would be one that most people would scream FML over and over again, but you know, thats not the way I'd like to do this =).

Sigh, so the GDC isnt in cw's locker. I really think it got stolen by somebody sigh. I wouldn't feel so bad if it was mine but the fact of the matter is that it belongs to someone else. And I just got my hands on it for like one week. Its so irritating for it to go missing just like that haizz. I really don't know what to do about this now.

And today, my phone is now officially terminally ill. Well it still works so im glad for that, just that I cant shut my keypad to lock my phone coz it hangs. And since I have to lock my phone when I put it in my pocket, it means I need to turn on my phone whenever I need to use it.

The good thing is that, my phone plan expired already some time back so I can actually go get myself a new phone. Teaches me a lesson too, don't throw your phone around and play with the little thing behind and end up dropping it once or twice a week on average. AND NOOOOO DOES THIS MEAN MY SEVEN AND A HALF HOUR GALAXY ON FIRE PLAYTIME IS GONEEEEEE?? I hope not heh. Ok la its not that important actually lol.

Yea, and I bit myself during lunch. Not the small bite, its like, a line, one cut across my cheek blegh. I hate ulcers because they hurt and make my lips feel so dry all the time, and to think ulcers are caused by small ruptures. I think this cut of mine will develop into something bad too meh.

Gahhhh, math test tmr.

Yet you know, whats the point of screaming FML here FML there like so many people seem to do nowadays. It aint going to change anything. The most important things in my life that I treasure deeply are still with me, whats there to be sorrowful about?

Heh, I feel like a good Siddhartha saying this.

Funny, I reached my school bus stop to go home, and then my bus arrived, with an advertisement from Great Eastern on it. It said in big bold letters 'LIFE IS GREAT', just as I was thinking about all these things, and I was highly amused =p.