This week really intense sia. Today, I officially got my 3rd booking and hence cwo will be coming my way soon, some last minute mess up with bb related stuffs, and plus galaxy on fire doesnt work on my new phone nooooooo. 8 and a half hours spent on it all gone.

Eh heh. Small things though.


Or rather pwong found it, but still.



Im so happy oh man.

Haha oh crap. I forgot about it, then stuff happens, but now I recall I found my GDC im very happy again LOL.

Mmhmm. Shant talk about other stuff, partially coz im really tired now and still got stuff to do =(.

Just this, thank God really. Especially with the GDC that I was really about to give up already, but I remember praying in faith, despite the nagging feeling that it won't come to pass, and I know that He hears me.

Thank God really, thank God.