I wonder if anyone else is like me, but when I do a bad piece of work unintentionally, I get rather disgusted and annoyed at myself. Like, if I produced a lousy essay because I had no time, I couldn't care less, but if I had the time to do it but I didn't know how to do it and ended up producing something quite bad, then I would feel really irritated.

Maybe its the perfectionist in me, insisting that I do above the average, refusing to admit that im not as good as my peers. Im talking about world lit essay here. I see so many people gifted in their languages and able to produce excellent pieces of work in their english A1, but here I am, struggling to get it right.

I don't know man. My style is, more argumentative than interpretation. I can write essays going on and on substantiate my points and debating on what I believe in, but seems like if you give me a text and ask me to comment about it, I can't do that very well.

Sigh, I feel that this world lit essay is just as bad as my first tok draft (shizz tok essay). Even my 2 hour no citation no evidence EE felt better than this because it had form even though it didn't have details. This one just felt like, alot of random thoughts piled together in a disjointed manner and its more than a thousand words of not really saying anything.

I know its only the first draft, but it feels like I dont know what im doing with it. Especially after I got back my apparently excellent outline (I just wrote more than the average person, hence more research and detail, not that the analysis was good or anything) I feel like this is a horrid piece to submit.

I dunno man, I want to ask for the help of the HL english people but seems like everyone is so busy nowadays oh well.

Tired. In times like these, I rather do math. At least math is like, one question done, closure. These essays are traumatic and make you feel like you aren't quite done with it. There isn't any satisfaction gained from their completion but instead rather a sense of having failed.

Stress man. Other than time constraints, my main concerns now are my inability to do a good TOK essay and world lit essay. Both are like, things you can't really study for its whether you have the aptitude for it, and I am feeling very unsatisfied with the level of work I am producing in these two.

Geez. History essays are so much more fun. At least they don't make my brain hurt trying to understand them.