Im so sleepy oh gosh

Haha amusing video. Imo best part was at 0:40 to 0:50 xD.


Well it was ECP outing today. Haha I was really quite anxious about the whole thing, yesterday it took me some time to sleep (like, I didnt collapse when i hit my bed for once heh) and I didnt have an appetite in the morning.

Overall it was pretty well executed I guess. FA stuff on my part was kinda messy but ah well, nvm bah no point dwelling upon it. Oh but funny, Zenn's injury is haunting me now =/. I keep having mental images of the multiple cuts and the blood flowing down blegh. I feel responsible for it coz I was riding the tandem at the front but its mostly irrational I guess its not like I crashed or something then resulted in the injury. It was so random really, cycling along a normal straight path then all of a sudden dunno what happen bike seems to have caught on something so I braked and volia guess what it caught.

Still, mental images rawr. Thank God for Thaddeus and his FA kit lol.

POP PLC is just going to get more intensive from here on. In some ways, I do feel intimidated, for this is such a huge task set before me. Negative thoughts try to creep in, telling me that I cannot do it, that I will overlook something or fail somewhere and cause hiccups (one of my greatest fears ever man, to be the cause of trouble for others).

Yet, I know that it is not me, but Christ who lives in me. I need not be the best, I just do what I can, and trust that God is in control.

Gladys had us play an interesting chain reaction game today during DI, and that in many ways is like the snowball effect. One small change can results in such a great effect over time. So all the more I want to do what I can. No matter how limited I may be, I know that the little I do can multiply over time to make a difference that even I cannot forsee.

Alright, sleepy. Time to take a good crash.