Haha did absolutely no work today, and not feeling bad about it. Awesome =D.

To further this indulgence, im sleeping air con tonight. Hehe I usually dont, and frankly the main reason is because I usually am sleepy enough to plonk straight and hence have no need for it.

But tonight, I be sleeping once this post is done, and thats before 12 whoohooo!!

Mmm. CCA fair was, interesting to say the least. Totally unexpected turnout, few events that made me think.

Anyway, for those who didnt realise, the guy who created Company of Myself and YFYIAR actually commented on my post haha. I was amused frankly haha. Anyway, so apparently they are called art games, and yes that did seem more right haha.

I dont enjoy all art games though. Found a few that I liked, a few that I didnt like.

Well heres two more for you to try.

Howard's Glitch is a game completely based youtube. Its freaking TOK man. And just when I thought I was smarter than it, it was smarter than me. Damn =(. Well I dont find this game mindblowing or anything, but I thought using youtube was interesting, and it was pretty well executed. And its creepy. But creepy is good because it makes you feel uncomfortable, and a game that isnt so much meant to be fun but rather challenge your perception on life is supposed to make you feel uncomfortable or it wouldnt have succeeded.

Air Pressure is...oh my goodness. I won't spoil this game for you, the less I say the better. Just know this, if you think 'chey, wtshit you so stunned over this girl game', you didn't quite catch what it was about. Go for all three endings, read whatever is said carefully, and read between the lines. If you were like me, you would be abit slow and wondering what was going on at first. Then when you finally figure it out, maybe like me you will be like, 'oh shit. Oh shit. OH SHIT. WHAT AM I DOING. WHAT HAVE I DONE.' Beautifully done, and opens your eyes to see things from another perspective.