Oh this praise in my heart

HAHA this is funny =p.


Sheesh I swear its like cursed week or something. I just DEFINITELY failed by math test lol. It was really demoralizing, especially when so many people in my class were laughing joking about it afterwards and from the way they talked you can tell they knew how to do at least some of the questions.

My little cut officially developed into an ulcer meh. My GDC is STILL lost, and the new thing today is that one half of my earphone just suddenly died like that. Yea I dont take very good care of it either heh. Well I have replacements so all is well and good but when it suddenly died I was like 'wait wtshit whats next'.

Still, theres good and bad, and it aint fair to lament about the bad stuff without talking about good stuff. I got a replacement phone, which imo isnt as good as my current one even though its a newer model (the camera is very important to me, and this one is lousier meh). I dont know for sure though havnt tried but the specs didnt seem that great. Got it because I do only have one year left only before I have to get an even shitter phone for NS haha so whatever.

Wanted a Nokia N8. 12 megapixels with Carl Zeiss lens, easily one of the best in the market for phone hardware now. It was expensive rawr. I'll get something like that after my NS, and by then 12mp will be the norm =p.

And yay, I got some logistics that I was worried I wouldnt be able to get. YAY. IMM trip was good haha. Its pretty cool because all those people were friendly. I totally didn't know where to get the item I needed, so I just randomly walked into minitoons and asked. The shopkeeper was friendly and directed me to another store. That store didnt have either sadly, so I walked into comics conn and asked the shopkeeper there, he was very friendly too and directed me to yet another store and I got it there from yet another really friendly shopkeeper =D.

So yay. You know, when I think about it, why I can be feeling happy despite everything really boils down to the spiritual aspect. Despite the difficulties in the physical and material realm, I have been enjoying a good spiritual walk recently and I find that so fundamentally critical to my current outlook in life.

So thank God. Even if the whole world falls down around me and all I have left is God, He is more than enough for me.