Imma start on a low note and end high.

Sigh, I dont know where my GDC went. It COULD be in cw's locker, but dunno man, thats the only possible place left unchecked. Unfortunately, it could have been stolen. The worst thing is that, its not even my GDC. I need to return it. Hundred plus bucks gone like the wind.

Another thing is the upcoming math test on wednesday. Im really bad at math, I do honestly think im more suited for SL. We did the 2009 and 2010 term 1 test papers today and I didn't know how to do them. That sucks because, that probably means I can't really do my 2011 one either. JW wants all of us to at least pass, and im afraid that im going to fail her.

Through all the ups and downs of life though, He remains the constant. I know PLC is going to be awesome, in every sense of that word. I see it clearly already, lives touched, forever changed. It gives me a drive, something to keep pressing on for in this term. Workload and logistics may not be easy, but just imagine when the King of glory enters in.

Then nothing else would really matter anymore, just that He is here with us.

God He reigns.