Oh my. Today I went to the library to work on my EE and I found this damn good book. I wished I've gotten it sooner could have utilised it more for my EE rawr.

Anyway, I was reading it and I realised that Singapore history is often so simplified. Its alot more interesting that what we are used to hearing about.

Take for example Force Z. I've been doing on Operation Matador, the land defence of Singapore during the Japanese invasion and today I found out that Brooke Popham wasnt the boss of the defence of Singapore. He was co-boss together with another guy, Admiral Tom Philips, who was the head of the naval defence of Singapore.

Force Z was essentially a group of six ships that were responsible for the naval defence. On hindsight, we dont think much of them because what we hear of is that Prince of Wales and Repulse were sunk damn easily because of silly mistakes by the British. We dont think much of the ships because we think the British were old fashioned and they got owned by aircrafts, that the ships were useless.

The truth of the matter is, Prince of Wales and Repulse were damn powerful ships during that point in time. When we study history in primary school, the sinking of the ships were just briefly mentioned. The truth of the matter was that the sinking of the ships absolutely devastating to not just Singapore but to the entire British Empire. Admiral Tom Philips went down together with Prince of Wales. Singapore's naval defence became nothing. Popham and Percival were left on their own.

And the ships fought. I think we all get the impression that a few planes came over and bomb the ships and they died. In reality, the battle was hours longs and there was a huge number of casualties on the Japanese side as well. The Japanese sent a huge load of bombers to attack the ships because they were important targets, it wasnt some casual few planes come over and bomb thing.

Its quite cool really. I'll definitely go read up more on Singapore history when IB is over. Its seriously so interesting, we think we know about our country's history but all that we know is really so superficial.

Anyway, haha today was alright, but im so tired now. The books were really killing me it was such dense reading. Haha and this nice lady helped me to photocopy my stuff coz i didnt have a cash card yay.

Take a good break. Sleep early tonight.