Lets get a little political

Im sure many people have read the facebook note My vote counts: 10 reasons why I cannot vote for the PAP in the next election written at around 2009 but suddenly insanely popular because of the upcoming elections.

The thing is, many Singaporeans didnt read two other posts by him. Why the PAP is the best available option we have and How Singaporeans discuss national issues.

You see, I may not agree with many of his points. I think there are grave factual inaccuracies (Singaporeans are NOT the lowest earners in the developed world, in fact we are doing pretty well) in what he raised and I am also able to refute many of the points that he brings up.

Thats not the point though. The points I raise will then be counter refuted and so and and so forth. Thats why political debates are so intense. So to each his own, aside from the factual inaccuracies, I respect this man's views.

What I do wholeheartedly agree with him on though, is the attitude of Singaporeans. Read the article he wrote on 'How Singaporeans discuss national issues'. Also, read this article about Tin Pei Ling.

We're known as the nation whos people's favourite hobby is gossiping and complaining. Brought to politics however, this just turns politics into an entire mess. As injust and tyrannical as it sounds, I might actually support LKY if he brings in an army if freak election results occur. Simply because if the opposition were really to take over suddenly, we're so damn screwed (something which the writer recognised as well even as he flames PAP, he uses his brain more than most Singaporeans). It would really be a freak election because looking at the comments people bring forth, the only reason why the opposition will win is because the people dont want the PAP to win. Its a pretty demoralising moment when you realise that these are your fellow countrymen and the fate of the country hangs on them I tell you.

Actually, why are people so eager for that two party system? People like to say 'look at the US', theyre they world's strongest economy and they have that system. Well I'd say, yea LOOK AT THE US. I dont want to be like them kthx. They're only the world's strongest economy because they spent world war I and world war II hiding behind while the rest of the world gets screwed over and then they come forth from the aftermath and take over the world economically. Singaporeans, in case you never knew, one of the reasons why Singapore fell in 1942 was because of US being unwilling to commit to the war.

Now you might say, what does US and the fall of Singapore have to do with the two party system? Well I'd tell you, the reason why US had so much trouble giving support was because of their retarded political system. Rooselvelt had the foresight and saw the need for US to enter the war, but no, the people of US said they shouldnt. So they didnt. So everyone else died.

You know, one of the shittiest things about the US political system is that the leaders have to make POPULAR choices and not RIGHT choices. Anything that appeals even if its actually a bad idea wins support. Even if you made a damn well right choice but it was unpopular, you're out of the government. Thats the way it is.

Do we want Singapore to become like that?

Sheesh. I dont know, people claim that political dissent has always been the same and so even though so many people complain, the results will still be the same. I disagree. I think that whole idea is just another one Singaporean ideas that everyone just keeps repeating without thinking if its true. Things have changed, we now have a new generation of voters. That makes a big difference. I dont think there would be freak election results, but I certaintly dont think that its going to be another walkover.